What Do These Origami Figures Have in Common?

Yes, I’m sure you guessed right! They are all modular origami models because they’re made by joining together several separate units. But they also share another common trait! The units used to build each piece are made with variations of the easy-to-make Windmill Base. In their recently published e-book “Origami, La Base Molino” –Origami The … Read more

Origami for Busy People -Book Review

origami for busy people

Marcia Joy Miller’s has been practicing origami for many years and is a seasoned origami artist, designer, and teacher.  Origami for Busy People, her just published first book, is filled with many of her own ingenious models. Without a doubt this book is a treat for origami enthusiasts. What I love about this book: The … Read more

Why I Buy Origami Books

It was the 1988 Holiday season in New York City. I was walking south on the east side of a very busy Fifth Avenue when I stopped suddenly, spellbound by the image of a huge Christmas tree filled with decorations of folded paper figures revolving in the windows of a Japan Airlines office. It was … Read more

Spring Flower

I am always looking for the right moment and the right light to take a good picture for my blog posts in Origami Spirit. As I was taking a picture of the Spring Flower this morning, John, my husband, took a photo of the photographer. He captured a lovely moment, didn’t he? Here is the … Read more

Witch Claws!

How about a set of terrific claws to wear for Halloween? These are very easy to make! I found some black self adhesive notes (3 x 3 inches) and made myself a set. Diagrams? Found in the book Origami Omnibus, by Kunihiko Kasahara.It is full of many other superb models! ~*~

One Easy Module, Two Fantastic Origami Models -Video

This decorative origami chain and spiral spring are fantastic examples of easy modular origami. They were created by two people who are known as excellent teachers and prolific origami designers. Laura Kruskal Created the module and the decorative chain. Gay Merrill Gross Joined many of Laura’s  modules in a unique way to create the spiral … Read more

A Thousand Cranes, a book by Florence Temko

Aside from being a symbol of world peace, health, and long life, the origami crane has come to signify the art of paper folding itself. This idea is reinforced in a new edition of the book A Thousand Cranes: Origami Projects for Peace and Happiness by the prolific origami creator and author, Florence Temko. Book … Read more

Are You Afraid of Entering the Kingdom of Math?

Not long ago I read Faiza Elmasry’s article  “Bringing the Beauty of Math to Life“, a review of the book *Here’s Looking at Euclid, written by Alex Bellos. Elmasry’s review mentioned that the book contains a section on origami, a field of study that is one of the hottest areas of research in mathematics today. … Read more

‘Crease + Fold’ Reviewed – An Origami Book by Sok Song

crease and fold book cover

Crease and Fold, Sok’s Song first origami instructional book, presents a collection of models that will appeal to a broad range of interests. It features simple and elegant animals, functional objects, money folds, and modulars. •View photographs at the end of this post• The book is divided into four sections: Origami 101, covers the standard … Read more