Virgin and Child

On her blog, Vera Young has shared diagrams and an image of her interpretation of Our Lady of Aparecida (Nossa Senhora Aparecida), by Emilson Nunes, author of this wonderful book: <br /> The dark-skinned virgin, venerated in the Catholic Church, is the patron saint of Brazil. Her feast day is celebrated every year on October … Read more

Fold and Flap an Origami Bat

flapping origami bat

Because of the economy in the number of folds and the quality of the movement expressed in the flapping wings, this clever origami butterfly, a creation of designer deg farrelly, is one of my favorite action models. Over the years I have folded it many times, often in black paper at Halloween, telling those I … Read more

Maria Sinayskaya’s Tips for Creating Origami Modulars

When Maria Sinayskaya left Samara, Russia in 2008 to live in South Africa, the only origami model she knew how to fold was the traditional flapping bird. But since discovering the world of origami and its many enthusiasts, Maria has been folding and creating non stop, becoming, in the process, a prolific paper folder and … Read more

A Contemporary Origami Handbag

origami handbag or purse created by Hans-Werner Guth and Leyla Torres

I added handles to a triangular box created by Hans-Werner Guth and made myself a contemporary fashionable handbag.It is made from an A size rectangle. Clever and a pleasure to fold! Now it’s time to take a walk around town and show it off. Cool! Crease pattern HERE. From a square you make the bag … Read more

How to Fold an Egg-laying Origami Hen

This Egg-Laying Origami Hen, attributed to Zsuzsanna Kricskovics, is a charming origami action model. It needs a cut at the end, which might be frowned on by some origami purists. This cut does not bother me at all. On the contrary, I think it is indispensable because the section that is cut off is used … Read more

A Valentine’s Origami Picture Frame

The heart-shaped picture frame shown in the left panel was designed by Mike Van Horne. It’s a nice and easy origami model folded from the windmill base. For the variation shown on the right, I added a few more folds that made for a firmer lock, removed the small white “slits” and  produced the solid … Read more

Creased Magazine – Oh, So Pleasing!

Crease Magazine is a new bi-monthly publication featuring never-before published original Origami diagrams from creators around the world. Having just received the first issue, I dove into it with as much enthusiasm as a child let loose in a candy store. Creative director Sok Song and his editorial team have produced a magazine that is … Read more

4 Esquinas: The Progress of Origami en Latin America

The diagrams for this sheep (Román Díaz – Uruguay) and some other models are published in 4 Esquinas (4 Corners), a free online magazine about origami in Latin America. This publication is a labor of love and published by four talented origami practitioners: Mateo Diaz (Colombia), Román Díaz (Uruguay, Nicolás Gajardo (Chile) and Eric Madrigal … Read more

An Eco-Friendly Box Made of Recycled Material

plastic box made of recycled coke bottle with origami lucky stars inside

When my friend Tricia Tait attended an origami convention in Brazil, she learned to make the box in the photograph. It is made from a coke bottle cut in a half. It could be used for many purposes, but for the paper folders, it is a perfect container to carry and protect small models. Here … Read more