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How to Remember the Steps to Make an Origami Model thumbnail

We are having a blast in our course “The Joy of Origami”. Thanks to the magic and connectivity of the Internet people from many different parts of the world have joined the workshop including those representing Norway, Italy, South Africa, Uruguay and the United States. One of the questions asked during our first meeting was [...]

Origami Santa and Christmas tree

A Christmas and holiday greeting to you, your families, friends, and loved ones. Today is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere! From one of my south-facing windows, I can see the sun following its lowest and shortest arc across the sky. The good news is that for the next six months, the days will [...]

Make an Origami Dove and Share the Peace of Folding Paper thumbnail

The year is coming to an end and I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all of your visits, comments and continued support for our work at Origami Spirit. I’d also like to extend a very special thank you to those who have generously donated funds to help maintain this website. [...]

Playing Card Symbols, Origami Style! thumbnail

Meenakshi Mukerji is a well-known designer of modular origami,  where two or more pieces of paper are folded into separate units, then assembled to form one figure. In recent months, Meenakshi has been exploring origami designs with just one piece of paper as well. Last weekend I spent some time interpreting diagrams for a few of [...]

Modular Origami Garlands From Francis Ow thumbnail

If you haven’t been folding paper lately, watch out! These garlands by Francis Ow will get you back into folding again in no time. And they’re addictive too once you get going; I can’t stop folding them myself! With this model I’m looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and have a list of people [...]

Welcoming a New Family Member thumbnail

Today we baptized Emilio Torres, my nephew, and the newest member of our family. Here he sleeps in his father’s arms. On Emilio’s party cake we placed some tiny origami chickens –designed by Simon Andersen (Denmark). Find diagrams for the chicks at Hans Dybkjær’s website. Look for the file at the upper right corner of [...]

In Memory of David Petty thumbnail

I folded this six-pointed modular origami star in memory of it’s creator David Petty (UK), who passed away on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011. A remembrance page and diagrams for the star have been posted at Nick Robinson’s blog. Other than authoring several origami books, David generously shared diagrams for traditional origami models on his website [...]

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorations, Gifts and Greetings thumbnail

This is my interpretation of the Sakura Star, a creation of David Martinez. It is a lovely model that I will add to the collection of ornaments I use  to decorate my staircase for Christmas, as seen in this post: Origami Adds a Holiday Sparkle to a Staircase Video instructions for the Sakura Star: Diagrams [...]

Virgin and Child thumbnail

On her blog, Vera Young has shared diagrams and an image of her interpretation of Our Lady of Aparecida (Nossa Senhora Aparecida), by Emilson Nunes, author of this wonderful book: <br /> The dark-skinned virgin, venerated in the Catholic Church, is the patron saint of Brazil. Her feast day is celebrated every year on October [...]