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Decorating Paper to fold Butterflies

There are different ways to color paper for origami. The paper used to make these striking origami butterflies was colored onion skin paper, which is originally white (it is also strong, thin, crisp, translucent, and folds easily). This particular model is called Origamido Butterfly and it was designed by Michael LaFosse. Video: demonstration on how … Read more

Reuse Tissue Paper to Make Origami Mushrooms

As a Christmas gift, we received a box of oranges from an old family friend. Each orange was wrapped in a square of white tissue paper, featuring a green circular design with red type in the center. Oranges are my favorite fruit, but looking at the contents of the box, I couldn’t decide if I … Read more

Steps to Make a Container Out of a Coke Bottle

Designer Unknown This box is very convenient to carry and protect small origami models. To make this box used bottle of coca-cola. This bottle comes in versions 16 or 20 oz. The two types of packaging used. To make the box: Wash the bottle. Cut the bottle in half just below the label. Discard the … Read more