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World Origami Days 2013  ~  Our celebration is  here! World Origami Days, held each year from October 24 to November 11, is a 2-1/2 week celebration of the international community of origami! To join the celebration you are invited to: Watch this 2-minute video carefully. Make a best guess as to the maximum number of [...]

How to Fold a Fantastic Origami Facebook Logo thumbnail

There are many reasons why I like using Facebook. Keeping in touch with faraway family and friends is convenient; reconnecting with old friends has been rewarding. But the one thing I enjoy most is being able to meet and exchange ideas with other people online who practice the art of origami.  So, how about celebrating [...]

Origami Convention in New York City, 2013 thumbnail

If you ever have the opportunity to attend an origami convention, don’t miss that opportunity! I’m just back from another mega origami convention in New York City  (June 21-25, 2013).  And as always, it was delicious fun, fun, fun!! It is a delight for me to learn, to meet all those wonderful friends who love the [...]

World Origami Days –Vermont Local Celebration thumbnail

On Saturday November 10th, 2012 from 11am – 4pm, World Origami Days (WOD) will be celebrated at the One Corner Gallery, 39 School Street, in Arlington, VT. World Origami Days is a two-week international celebration honoring the art of Origami. This global event traditionally begins October 24th, the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer (1898-1992), founder of [...]

WOD Celebration –Golden Frog Brooch Giveaway! thumbnail

To celebrate World Origami Days* 2012, we are giving away one of these original origami brooches, designed and folded by Leyla Torres,. Visit the Origami Spirit Youtube channel to watch this 2-minute video for details and a chance to win this FREE origami brooch gilded with 23K gold leaf. Deadline November 11th, 2012 6pm (NY [...]

Cute and Fun Origami Pins thumbnail

During the  informal Origami Pin Exchange at this year’s OrigamiUSA convention I folded a number of bees (instructions here) and made pins from them. The photo above shows pins I received in exchange.  Cute and Fun! Many origami models are easily made into pins.  All we need to do is glue a little pin on [...]

Mega-Origami Folding Fiesta thumbnail

Have you ever tried to fold your living room carpet… into an elephant? At the recent annual Origami USA convention I followed a team of four women who had a lot of fun folding a mega-size origami elephant while participating in the large-size paper folding competition –organized and hosted by Sok Song. The members of [...]

Sipho Mabona, Special Guest for OrigamiUSA 2012 thumbnail

 Origami Rhino Unfolding from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo. Sipho Mabona from Switzerland: a special guest for this year’s OrigamiUSA convention, June 22-25 at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Dennis Walker from Scotland: the creator and maintainer of the Origami Database -GREAT RESOURCE! will be also a special guest at the [...]

Paper Makes Music at PCOC thumbnail

Since the Northwest Coast of the United States is known for frequent rain, the symbol for this year’s Pacific Coast Origami Convention –PCOC* was an umbrella. The convention was held in Bellevue, WA from September 29th to October 2nd. • Patty Grodner created the lovely rainy-day-themed composition which she displayed at the PCOC exhibit -shown [...]