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Video Tutorial – Bunny Bill & Magic Wand

Model designs of Robert Neale (Bunny Bill) and Leyla Torres (Magic Wand) Do you like to fold origami animals or action models? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature both action and animal origami models we’re sure you’ll enjoy. You can find these origami models in this gallery >>> HERE The Bunny Bill is … Read more

The Smile of Mona Lisa

Make a smile. Give a Smile. Receive a Smile. A model design of Leyla Torres Folding Mona Lisa’s smile brings me joy. Such a precious fleeting treasure helps us through the rough spots of the day. We are lucky, you and I, to have the gift of origami. Unending creative challenges and a community to … Read more

Origami is not Allowed in Bermuda!

A few years back, an events company invited me to give an origami demonstration in Bermuda at a trade show. Traveling to this island for a purpose other than tourism meant that the company that invited me had to request a special work permit from the authorities in Bermuda. Just before my trip, I was … Read more

How did you get into origami?

Did you get into origami as a child or as an adult? As a child, I learned the traditional boat and classic crane, but it wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I really got into origami. It was the Christmas holiday season in New York City. I was walking with my husband down … Read more

An Easy and Creative Way to Include Origami in Your Journaling

Do you keep a journal? If you’ve never tried journaling, or even if you have, you might draw some ideas and inspiration from this post. I’ve been journaling for many years. It brings solace and a deep connection to my inner creative self. My intended goal is to write daily but it’s not always easy … Read more

Fold an Origami Swan in Memory of Laura Kruskal

Laura Kruskal, much beloved origami creator and teacher passed away on February 5th 2019. Laura was loved for her playfulness and great sense of humor. She loved music and included singing with her teaching. I have a lovely memory of a class I took with Laura at PCOC 2013 when she taught a traditional paper … Read more