Origami Easter Bunny Box –Revisited!

Origami Easter basket in the shape of a rabbit.

No long ago I featured an origami rabbit lantern on Origami Spirit that may also serve as a basket. Around Easter, many beginning folders contact me because they were having difficulty with one step or another when folding this model, and they asked for clarifications. I’ve requested and received permission from Mr. Jacky Chan (Hong … Read more

Confession of a Passionate Origami Enthusiast

origami bunny rabbit - container for candies

I have made all kinds of origami animals. I love those that are simple to make and have a striking look. Today I spent the day absorbed in creating this Easter origami rabbit box, and making a video on how to fold it (show below). It was so hard to not eat the chocolate eggs … Read more

Origami Bunny Box –Don’t wait for Easter to fold it!

Making origami animals is magical. The process of folding a flat piece of paper into a recognizable figure is mesmerizing and entertaining in itself.  And it is terrific  when we can relate the finished creature to a cherished holiday. This origami rabbit box is a perfect example of origami magic! Origami artist Jacky Chan (Hong … Read more