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Origami Convention in New York City, 2013 thumbnail

If you ever have the opportunity to attend an origami convention, don’t miss that opportunity! I’m just back from another mega origami convention in New York City  (June 21-25, 2013).  And as always, it was delicious fun, fun, fun!! It is a delight for me to learn, to meet all those wonderful friends who love the [...]

Mega-Origami Folding Fiesta thumbnail

Have you ever tried to fold your living room carpet… into an elephant? At the recent annual Origami USA convention I followed a team of four women who had a lot of fun folding a mega-size origami elephant while participating in the large-size paper folding competition –organized and hosted by Sok Song. The members of [...]

Back From the OrigamiUSA Convention 2011 thumbnail

Back from the Origami USA convention in New York City  my work table is overflowing with origami models, papers, books,  and presents. As always the convention has left me recharged with creative energy and a surplus of new ideas! Some highlights of the Origami USA convention 2011: This year’s special guest was Toshikazu Kawasaki from [...]

Origami USA Convention is for Novices and Experts thumbnail

Feel intimidated by the idea of attending an origami convention? Well, drop that feeling and pack your bags! On June 24th through the 27th there’s a place for everyone, young or old, experienced or not, at the International Origami USA convention in New York City. Whether you’ve attained a high technical level in paper folding, [...]