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Pictures of mentions of origami toys

Thumbnail image for A Perfect Origami Fashion Accessory

I’m pleased to introduce you to Ironhead, our cat of the day. The colorful ruff she is wearing is made of folded paper. Doesn’t she look like a sixteenth-century Dutch queen? If you fancy making one for your own cat -or yourself, this origami action-model is called Fireworks and was designed by Yami Yamauchi. Below [...]

Thumbnail image for One Easy Module, Two Fantastic Origami Models -Video

This decorative origami chain and spiral spring are fantastic examples of easy modular origami. They were created by two people who are known as excellent teachers and prolific origami designers. Laura Kruskal Created the module and the decorative chain. Gay Merrill Gross Joined many of Laura’s  modules in a unique way to create the spiral [...]