Delightful Origami Boxes Inspired by Nature

There are many ways in which origami designers have been inspired by nature in order to create delightful origami models. Flowers, fruits, and animals have all provided inspiration for many creative origami designers.

These four boxes (with tutorials) are highlights of many boxes and containers presented in Origami Spirit .

Have you folded one of the origami models below? Have you ever folded an origami box inspired by nature? We would love to see it! Please share your images on our Facebook OrigamiSpirit Group Fan Page.

Rose-shaped Origami Box

This origami rose is also a box, the present. Origami boxes are useful and versatile for any occasion. But don’t wait for a holiday or a birthday to give one! Anytime will do. A handmade gift will perfectly express your depth of feeling for the person you make it for. Click here to learn how to make this rose-shaped origami box.

Origami Butterfly Box

This origami butterfly opens up into a box. It’s perfect to hold a note for a sweetheart or maybe to give to mom on a special day. What memories does a butterfly bring up to you? In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together symbolize love. In Japan the butterfly symbolizes the soul. Click here to learn how to make this lovely butterfly box.

Origami Rabbit Easter Egg Holder

This lovely origami rabbit egg holder was designed by David Donohue. It is a perfect model to hold a real decorated Easter egg! All that’s needed for success is the desire to make the model, and an 8 x 8 inch (20x20cm) piece of paper. To learn how to make this Origami Rabbit Easter Egg holder, click here.

Tomato-Shaped Origami Box

Based on the traditional Japanese menko, this brilliant origami box, created by Carlos Bocanegra, will become one of your favorite origami boxes for sure.  So, find yourself a couple of pieces of origami paper, sit down and let your fingers do the tomato dance! To learn how to make this tomato-shaped origami box, click here.

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