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Modular origami

Modular origami is a technique in which sheets of paper are folded into modules or units which are then combined into two or three-dimensional forms. These forms can be rings, cubes, globes, garlands, flowers or quilts.
Here you will find different examples of modular origami and in many cases instructions on how to make them.

Thumbnail image for How to Make a Modular Origami Magic Star

Looking for an origami magic star instructions? This magic origami star was the first modular piece I ever made over twenty years ago. I loved it then and it continues to be one of my all-time favorite modular origami models. Here is why you too will love this Magic Origami Star: The module is simple and [...]

origami ace of diamods – As de diamantes en origami

In addition to her well-known modular origami pieces, Meenakshi Mukerji is now designing single-sheet origami figures. One of her most recent creations is the Kusumita, a geometric flower. This model has served as a base for numerous variations, including three of the suit symbols in a set of traditional playing cards. Meenakshi has kindly given me [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Make an IvaMia Kusudama

A kusudama is a traditional Japanese paper ball created by joining together multiple identical units. In Japan it was common to join these units with glue or thread. This particular kusudama design –named IvaMia, is made without cutting and assembled without glue. It is a perfectly elegant example of contemporary modular origami. The IvaMia kusudama [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Make a Modular Origami Snowflake

Origami master Francis Ow -well known for his origami hearts, is an origami designer whose work goes far beyond origami heart models. He is also a prolific creator of geometric and modular origami. One of Mr. Ow’s recent creations is the modular origami snowflake and its variations. He has shared diagrams for this snowflake here. [...]

Thumbnail image for Make a Gorgeous Modular Origami Wreath

Christiane Bettens* –also known as Mélisande, created this gorgeous modular origami piece as an Advent Wreath. Made with green and red paper, this origami wreath is perfect for the Christmas season. But if we use orange and yellow colors, it becomes a radiant sun. Just what we look forward to have at this time in [...]

Thumbnail image for Modular Origami Lily Star –Make and Use it as a Candle Holder

Modular origami is a technique in which two or more sheets of paper are folded into units or modules. The units are then fitted together to form one larger piece. The origami piece shown in the photo is reminiscent of both a lily and a star. Designed by Leonor Martínez (Colombia), this is a charming [...]

Thumbnail image for Make a Modular Origami Star from Patagonia

Thinking of a last minute Christmas present? Planning ahead for next year’s holiday ornaments? Even if you are not in the holiday mood, I invite you to get two squares of colorful paper and sit with me for just fifteen minutes. You’ll enjoy making this cleverly designed modular origami star. The ‘Polo Sur Star’ was created [...]

Thumbnail image for Twelve Lists of Top-Notch Origami Video Tutorials

12.12.12 – December 12, 2012. We won’t have a date like today’s for another thousand years! To celebrate I’d like to share twelve links to twelve lists of videos with free origami instructions that have been featured on Origami Spirit. Each list includes several origami figures along with video instructions and ideas for using them. [...]

Thumbnail image for Origami Wreaths to Celebrate a Baby Girl or Baby Boy

I could’ resist going really cute and making baby bodysuit garlands! The module for this is my interpretation of  Hans-Werner Guth’s and Francis Ow’s shirt garlands. The garlands made by Hans, Francis, and myself, are a slight modification of the one featured in this video tutorial: We challenge you to figure out these modifications or [...]