Reuse Tissue Paper to Make Origami Mushrooms

As a Christmas gift, we received a box of oranges from an old family friend. Each orange was wrapped in a square of white tissue paper, featuring a green circular design with red type in the center. Oranges are my favorite fruit, but looking at the contents of the box, I couldn’t decide if I … Read more

I’ve dropped everything to become a shoemaker!

These days I have folded high-heel shoes in all styles and for all occasions: Piet Mondrian-style shoes to attend the opening of an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Piccaso-style shoes to stroll through the streets of Paris Tarot-style shoes to advance into an auspicious future Cow-skin high-fashion shoes for a night of dancing … Read more

A Cat in its Essence

Origami USA posted on its website a gallery with beautiful pictures of origami models published in calendars of 2005 and 2006. Scanning through the gallery, a photo of a cat created by Hiroaki Takai (Japan) caught my attention. I loved the simple, elegant lines of this model, which evokes the essence of a cat with … Read more

Hen-Basket -A Favorite Model from an Origami Convention!

A couple of weeks ago I hopped across the Atlantic for the sole purpose of attending an origami convention. My destination was Nottingham in Great Britain where one of the biannual meetings of the British Origami Society was taking place. The gathering exceeded all my expectations both in opportunities to learn new models, to meet … Read more

Steps to Make a Container Out of a Coke Bottle

Designer Unknown This box is very convenient to carry and protect small origami models. To make this box used bottle of coca-cola. This bottle comes in versions 16 or 20 oz. The two types of packaging used. To make the box: Wash the bottle. Cut the bottle in half just below the label. Discard the … Read more

Video Tutorial – Dawn Rose

Origami Model Dawn Rose a design of Leyla Torres

A model design of Leyla Torres Do you like to fold origami flowers? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature origami flowers we’re sure you’ll enjoy. You can find these origami models in this gallery >>> HERE In this tutorial, you will learn how to fold an origami rose called “Dawn Rose”, designed by Leyla … Read more