Fold the Perfect Origami Bird for Greeting Cards!

A bookmarks featuring origami birds

This gentle, easy-to-make origami bird, created by Ildik√≥ Vass, folds flat making it the perfect choice to use on a greeting card or party invitation.I just mailed a gift and card featuring this bird to my nephew who will soon be celebrating his first birthday. Happy Birthday Emilio! The bird is made with a paper … Read more

Using a Traditional Origami Windmill for Greeting Cards

When making greeting cards, I like to keep myself open to the many creative possibilities offered by traditional and simple origami models.  In this post we’ll look at one example of using the traditional origami windmill to create different cards. Note for beginners:If you’re just getting into folding, the video below will show you how … Read more

Origami Lucky Stars for a Birthday Party Invitation Card

When one of my nieces turned twelve, she and I had a good idea on how to create origami-related invitation cards for her birthday party. Here are the steps: Make about three dozen tiny origami lucky stars of different colors. Use strips of paper about 7 1/2 inch x 3/8 inch. Watch the video below … Read more