Make Origami Horses for a Mobile

Do you remember ever riding a carousel in a park when you were a child?

When I first saw this origami horse, cherished memories came flooding back to me. I remembered those times my parents took me to ride a carousel of colorfully painted wooden horses at Parque Nacional in Bogotá. It also made me think of the carousel in New York City’s Central Park, near Sheep’s Meadow. My husband and I would occasionally take a ride on that carousel when we lived in the city. What fun we’ve always had!

In honor of all joyful times, past and future, this little horse gallops into our origami universe. It takes its place among many other charming origami creatures featured here at Origami Spirit.

And, how propitious it is as well that 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse (Jan 31, 2014 – Feb 18, 2015). What better time to learn and share an origami horse right here, right now!

Thank you José Tomás Buitrago, the creator of this rocking horse, for giving permission to present this model.

Tips and suggestions for making this origami horse

  • Thin Kami paper, known in the U.S. as “origami paper”, works well –6×6 inches (15×15 cm)
  • Heavier paper –regular office/letter, is also good –8×8 inches (20×20 cm)
  • It is most effective if paper is colored differently on each side.
  • Use the horses to make a mobile (read below), or as gift tags on presents.

How to make the horse look cleaner when finished
Once you have mastered the basic folding, try a cleaner look for the finished horse. When making the preliminary base, omit one of the diagonal central folds.
Omitting this fold, results in a base without unnecessary markings. This is actually how José Tomás Buitrago originally designed his horse. Click on the photo above to see it larger.

Materials to make an origami horse mobile

  • A wooden stick approximately 23 inches (58 cm) in length.
  • Thread or fishing line
  • Seven origami horses made with duo color paper
  • Paper clips or ornament hooks like those used to decorate a Christmas tree.
  • A ceiling attachment as a means for suspending the mobile

How to make the origami horse mobile

  •  Make a small notch at each end of the 23-inch stick.
  • Cut a piece of thread about 30 inches in length. This is for suspending the mobile.
  • Tie respective ends of this thread to notches made at either end of the stick.
  • Evenly space seven metal hooks along the stick and pinch with pliers to secure.
  • To each of these hooks tie varying lengths of thread from 9 to 15 inches in length.
  • Make sure that each horse’s tread is different in size so they hung at different levels.
  • Punch a tiny hole at the base of each horse’s neck, tie with the other end of the thread.
  • Suspend mobile from the ceiling.

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12 thoughts on “Make Origami Horses for a Mobile”

  1. Hi Leyla,

    I recently started with origami, I love all your tutorials. Thankyou very much for sharing them…

  2. The horse is fantastic! You did a wonderful job describing the folding in the tutorial. Thank you so very much for all the happiness you bring to the origami world. I cannot be at the Spring New York classes, so this is the next best thing!
    Happy Valentine’s day!

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  4. This is a simple but beautiful origami model. I’m going to make a mobile to hang outside our door for Chinese new year. my husband and my little nephew are both horse people. Thank you for the tutorial.

  5. Absolutely charming, Leyla! I have been making models for a friend’s nursery where her new babe is about to be any day now. This new model you have shared will quickly turn into a mobile for her nursery. Origami everywhere :-)

    Many thanks as well to : José Tomás Buitrago for his wonderfully-clever design.

    Best wishes always,



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