Seven Flat Origami Figures to Send via Snail Mail

Have you ever sent or receive an envelope with an origami model inside?
Even if it is an origami figure that I have folded many times before, when my eyes discover it within a newly-opened envelope sent to me and folded by someone else, I love it!

Here are seven simple figures you can send flat in an envelope to a friend or loved one on a special occasion. Or, you can make them just for fun, and just for you. So, enjoy them!

Modular Origami Snowflake

One of Francis Ow’s many creations is this modular origami snowflake. It’s easy enough to fold requiring only a few steps, but assembly can be tricky. This snowflake is made with six pieces of paper. Learning it will open the door to making many other variations. Click here to learn how to make this modular origami snowflake.

Star of Gratitude

If you’ve ever made an origami figure using the windmill base, this eight-pointed star should be easy to fold. It will only take a few minutes. The eight-pointed star is made with two units that overlap diagonally, the short corners of one fitting into the pockets of the other. Click here to learn how to make this origami star of gratitude.

Origami Sheep

Make this sheep for yourself, for someone born in the year of the sheep, or just for the joy of making it. You will love with this charming paper creature. To make an especially colorful model, use wrapping paper on one side, black paper on the other. To learn how to make this special origami sheep, click here.

Origami Owl

Owls are symbols of intelligence, intuition, independence, protection, and mystery. This model can be a thoughtful gift or as a reminder to cultivate your best qualities. This model was a creative collaboration between Simon Andersen (Denmark) and myself. Click here to learn how to make this origami owl.

Traditional Origami Bowtie

If you celebrate Halloween, this origami bow tie model can be used as an accessory. It involves only a few folding steps and can be completed in less than five minutes. Let your creativity go wild! To flatten after folding place your bowtie under a book. Click here to learn how to make this festive bowtie.

Origami Flower and a Leaf (Spanish Eye)

This origami flower can be used to embellish a greeting card such as a birthday, get well, sympathy, or thank-you card and can also hold its own as a stand-alone model. The dark center is made by inserting a tiny black paper square and then locking it with a few folds.. Click here to learn how to make this flower.

Cute and Easy Origami Heart

A classic origami heart model designed by Francis Ow, the center features a convenient double-sided pocket that will invite you to add a decorative insert. It’s easy-to-make and sends the perfect message on many occasions. Click here to learn how to make this cute and easy origami heart.

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  1. Hello
    We are the ORIGAMI Association for Arts and Culture in Morocco, founded in 2003 by Hicham Teba.
    We organize meetings for adults and children, and we organize festivals.
    Hicham Teba is an origami artist.
    The art of origami in Morocco is unknown to many people
    Our association seeks to teach this beautiful and interesting art
    We need origami books and papers, because they are not in Morocco

  2. Buenas tardes, me apena mucho no haber contestado antes. Uno de los principales motivos, debp de no estar tiempo en la computadora, ya que me encontraton un problema en uno de mis ojos. Otra situaciòn es que no puedo disponer lo economico para la inscripciòn. Es esporadicamente cuando estoy de muy vez en cuando en la computadora. Gracias por su paciencia y estoy muy apenada, ya que usted ha sido una persona muy interesada en que ingrese al grupo de ustedes. Lo lamento pero no me es posible. Dios la bendiga.

    • No te preocupes Evangelina. Hay mucho material en Origami Spirit del que puedes disfrutar gratuitamente.
      Aunque nos gustaría tenerte en el grupo, si en este momento no es posible, igual eres siempre bienvenida!

  3. Dear Leyla,
    Thank you soooo much for sending these wonderful origami diagrams with directions. I will try to make them as soon as I can. You are so talented. I have been doing origami for a long time (a friend from either China or Taiwan…I can’t remember taught me origami) and do so much that the house cannot hold all of it. So now I am giving it away.

  4. I like to put traditional butterflies or Edwin Corrie’s puppy dogs in with my bills. Never know how they are received, that’s part of the fun. Thanks for some new ideas to send

  5. This is an adorable idea and a great way to use origami and get others interested in the art. Its a good idea for thank you notes too. Thank you for sending it.


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