An Easy and Creative Way to Include Origami in Your Journaling

Do you keep a journal? If you’ve never tried journaling, or even if you have, you might draw some ideas and inspiration from this post. I’ve been journaling for many years. It brings solace and a deep connection to my inner creative self. My intended goal is to write daily but it’s not always easy … Read more

A year’s Journal -Leyla’s Origami Worktable

A few weeks ago I picked up the Sunday newspaper and on the front cover was a large photograph of white folded stars against a blue background. The stars looked like small people to me, and the image was uplifting. I opened the paper, and read. Some articles were difficult to get through, reminding me … Read more

Why Keep a Journal -Creativity Through Origami

In addition to keeping a written journal, I periodically take pictures of the worktable in my studio, where I do most of my paper folding. This is my visual journal. The video below shows this table as it appeared at different times throughout 2013.  Click to see videos of my visual journals in 2012 and 2011. … Read more

Keeping a Visual Journal –Leyla’s Work Table

Do you remember what was on your creativity table twelve months ago, or even twelve days ago? I have kept a visual journal of my artwork for a couple of years now, by photographing my work table at different moments throughout the year. Every image in this visual journal is linked to daily events that … Read more

PROMPTS: 31 ideas to fold and share – January 2023

Origami Spirit Folding prompts for January 2023

Please join us any time during this month of January 2023 as we explore this month’s folding themes. This OrigamiSpirit challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate. Here is how to play along: Fireworks Dachshund Short Polar Bear Ears Jump Airplane Aroma Messages Owl New Chocolate Beginning Journal Colorful Rabbit Opening Harmony Skiing … Read more

Joel Stern – Teacher & Origami Book Author

Joel Stern has been one of our featured guests on Origamigos, the Origami Spirit Membership. Joel is a native of Omaha, Nebraska, and has enjoyed origami since his childhood. He has authored numerous books on origami and pop-ups, including In a Spooky Haunted House, Simon & Schuster, 2020; My First Origami Animals Kit, Tuttle, 2020; … Read more