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Thumbnail image for Using Origami to Teach Kids Math, Art, Language and Science

Are you a teacher or a home-schooling parent? Did you know that origami can be used in the classroom as a teaching tool? The art of paper folding is excellent to teach and improve math and vocabulary, and to introduce children to different cultures and to concepts of art, science and social studies. In addition, it can help [...]

How Origami Can Help You at the Market thumbnail

Many people love functional everyday origami.  While at the market one day with shopping list in hand, I realized I had no pencil to cross off items as I placed them in my cart. But then it dawned on me that I had a useful  origami idea to help me out. Watch this one-minute video to [...]

Thumbnail image for All That’s Worth Cherishing Begins in the Heart

Need some help delivering a love message? Try this origami heart messenger, a new addition to our growing group of origami hearts. It will surely work wonders for you! Besides our health there is nothing more valuable than those dear to our heart. Life can change in a moment, so there is no time better [...]

folding a paper in thirds

Do you ever feel resistant to make an origami model because you need to fold paper into thirds?  The video above shows a very easy technique to fold a square piece of paper for any origami figure that requires folding into thirds. This technique can be applied to folding any rectangular piece of paper into thirds. [...]

Thumbnail image for Origami Double-Pyramid Stand for iPhone or Business Cards

Have you ever been adopted by a cat?  A few days ago a little cat appeared at our doorstep. My husband and I  walked around our neighborhood going from house to house looking for her owner. Nobody claimed her. Since she has these lovely heart-shaped markings we decided that while she stays with us (be [...]

Thumbnail image for Kitchen Origami: How to Seal a Brown Bag for Popcorn

I remember my mother’s hands as she placed a bowl full of popcorn on the living room table during a rainy Sunday afternoon. My sister, brothers and I would dive in it as we watched Disney specials on television. The aroma of home-made popcorn was always so irresistible! Just recently I discovered how easy it [...]

Halloween and The Perfect Candy Corn Dish thumbnail

Candy Corn is a quintessential Halloween treat found in the United States. It’s hard to resist popping these little kernels of sweetness into your mouth and savor them as they dissolve in a velvety deliciousness! A while back I published a video tutorial on how to make a bat-winged heart, designed by Riky Saito (Japan). [...]

Thumbnail image for Using Origami to Decorate Your Gifts

Even the humblest gift can be dressed up and given a little flare when wrapped. The photo above is an example of gift wrapping using origami models that are folded flat. A carefully wrapped present not only reflects our affection and appreciation for the recipient but offers us the satisfaction of contributing to the value [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Reuse Paper to Have Fun!

Here is an idea for making a toy out of recycled paper, perfect to be enjoyed with young children. You can play together with nieces and nephews with this paper toy and create fun memories. Are you  a teacher? Have your students make one, and they will have fun while you can review some basic [...]