How to Reuse Paper to Have Fun!


Here is an idea for making a toy out of recycled paper, perfect to be enjoyed with young children. You can play together with nieces and nephews with this paper toy and create fun memories. Are you  a teacher? Have your students make one, and they will have fun while you can review some basic … Read more

9 Ways to Awaken Your Creativity With Origami

Do you ever wonder how origami figures are created?  What I’ve discovered is that many origami models have their origin in a small transformation applied to an existing figure. For example, the previous post featured an origami peacock based on a traditional paper toy  known as cootie catcher. The photos above* show more models based … Read more

How to Make a Paper Stand for Your Smart Phone

It takes just ten steps -and less than ten minutes, to make this iPhone stand.  No printer needed, no scissors, no glue, no mess! All you need is a letter-size piece of paper. How cool is that? This Smartphone stand is a creation of origami master Francis Ow. He has generously given me permission to … Read more

Origami Hugs and Kisses for Mom!

Are you a mother? I am sending you many hugs and kisses to honor and celebrate your motherhood. I also invite you to  make a long garland of origami hugs and kisses and bring it to your own mom for mother’s day. Both the cross and the double ring modules are inspired by a Palm … Read more

Festive Origami Twist-Box

With the approach of the holiday season this festive origami twist box is an easy-to-make container for a small gift. Fold the box using red and green papers for Christmas or orange and black papers for Halloween. As a wedding favor the box could be folded with white or pastel colors; for a birthday party any … Read more

Maria Sinayskaya’s Tips for Creating Origami Modulars

When Maria Sinayskaya left Samara, Russia in 2008 to live in South Africa, the only origami model she knew how to fold was the traditional flapping bird. But since discovering the world of origami and its many enthusiasts, Maria has been folding and creating non stop, becoming, in the process, a prolific paper folder and … Read more

Using a Traditional Origami Windmill for Greeting Cards

When making greeting cards, I like to keep myself open to the many creative possibilities offered by traditional and simple origami models.  In this post we’ll look at one example of using the traditional origami windmill to create different cards. Note for beginners:If you’re just getting into folding, the video below will show you how … Read more

14 Suggestions for Finished Origami Models

What can we do with that ever-increasing inventory of finished origami models? Here are some ideas: 1.Document If you like a particular model, keep one that’s nicely folded and on it write the model name, the designer, and where to find diagrams. 2. Display Photograph models and share them on personal Flickr and Facebook albums. … Read more

Treasures From Patagonia in Modular Origami Boxes

As a child growing up in Colombia, Patagonia seemed an imaginary place that I always heard mentioned in statements or expressions that implied great distance. When we wanted to describe a place that was far away, we might say something like “I had to go to ‘Patagonia’ to pick up my shoes. It took forever … Read more