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One Origami Box, Three Variations thumbnail

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed how much we love sharing origami boxes for all occasions. As with those previous box posts, I’m sure you’ll love this origami swirl box too! Jannie van Schuylenburg* (Netherlands), shared two variations of her lovely creation with me: One with a [...]

Thumbnail image for Origami Traditional Box -Sanbo Box

In previous posts I’ve shared a couple of cat-shaped boxes both based on the traditional origami box presented here. I also made a stand-alone video showing how to make this box, and added it to our growing collection of traditional origami models, such as the origami crane, a jumping frog and a bow tie. These [...]

Thumbnail image for A Cute Origami Cat -It’s a Box Too! (Version 2 of 2)

In the previous post I shared a delightful origami Cat-box created by Gay Merrill Gross. Using Gay’s cat as a springboard, I felt inspired to design my own version of this cat-box model. Filled with candy corn it will be a charming Halloween cat. It can also be used to make favors for a kid’s [...]

Thumbnail image for A Cute Origami Cat -It’s a Box Too! (Version 1 of 2)

Do you like origami cats? What about origami boxes? Gay Merrill Gross has combined two traditional origami figures –a cat’s head and a Sanbo box, and designed this delightful origami cat-box! This two-piece origami cat-box is the perfect model to fill with candy or other small items to give away as a present on a [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Make an Origami Shamrock –It’s a dish too!

This origami model is related in design to the Hollow Petal Flower previously presented here on Origami Spirit (updated video coming soon). The design of this model is that of a three leafed plant commonly known as a Shamrock. A Shamrock (Clover or trefoil) is a traditional Irish symbol. According to legend the shamrock symbol [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Make a Traditional Square Origami Box

Origami boxes and containers are fun to make and very practical to use. These models can be made with different shapes such as a square, rectangle, or pentagon, and with different kinds of paper. Even recycled paper is good to use for folding origami boxes. The square origami box presented here is known as Masu Box. [...]

Thumbnail image for Easy Paper Box -It’s a Heart and a Diamond!

Traditional origami models can be excellent points of departure for creating new and ingenious paper figures. Many new models have their origin in a seemingly small change applied to an existing model. This heart-shaped paper box is a wonderful example of this idea. The box is made by adding only a couple of folds to the [...]

Thumbnail image for An Origami Heart -Perfect for Father’s Day

What better origami model to celebrate Father’s Day than one created by a father, Michael van Horne!  This origami heart frame, featured also in a previous post, is easy to make, perfect on other occasions as well and a wonderful addition to a growing collection of  video tutorials for origami hearts! The following step-by-step video shows [...]

Thumbnail image for Origami Chicken -It’s a chick and it’s a box!

Da clic aquí y lee en ESPAÑOL I just received and watched an adorable video of my two-year-old nephew, Emilio, playing the drum and singing Los Pollitos (The little chicks). Los Pollitos is a Spanish-language nursery rhyme and one of the first songs children learn not only in Colombia, but in many other Spanish-speaking countries (lyrics below*). [...]