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Articles with Ideas and Tips on Fostering Creativity

A year’s Journal -Leyla’s Origami Worktable 2015 thumbnail

A few weeks ago I picked up the Sunday newspaper and on the front cover was a large photograph of white folded stars against a blue background. The stars looked like small people to me, and the image was uplifting. I opened the paper, and read. Some articles were difficult to get through, reminding me [...]

Make Tin Twist-Icicles Christmas Ornaments in seconds! thumbnail

When we train ourselves to be creative with origami, we are also preparing ourselves to be creative in all other endeavors. Creativity doesn’t always have to produce whiz-bang-dazzling results. Thinking creatively can be a life practice as we go about our every-day routine. One way of being creative with origami is looking for ways to modify [...]

Why Keep a Journal -Creativity Through Origami thumbnail

In addition to keeping a written journal, I periodically take pictures of the worktable in my studio, the place where I do most of my paper folding. This is my visual journal. The video below shows this table as it appeared at different times throughout 2013.  Click to see videos of my visual journals in 2012 [...]

A Definition of Art and What Being an Artist Means thumbnail

This is a quote from a conversation between Seth Godin and Mary Jaksch. For a long time my definition of art was conventional. It was limited to those people who made pictures whether painted, drawn, or photographed wrote poems, or stories, or novels played an instrument, or sang acted on the stage or screen. For [...]

Keeping a Visual Journal –Leyla’s Work Table 2012 thumbnail

Do you remember what was on your creativity table twelve months ago, or even twelve days ago? I have kept a visual journal of my artwork for a couple of years now, by photographing my work table at different moments throughout the year. Every image in this visual journal is linked to daily events that [...]

How an Origami Box Turned Into a Fun Festival of Flowers! thumbnail

The flowers above are a creation of Ildikó Vass, inspired by a box I designed and featured in another post. To make her flower, she sank the bottom of the box, and pushed the sides to the central axis. The flaps of the box became the petals. Then she made a smaller one and inserted [...]

World-Wide Origami Conversations thumbnail

Do you speak the language of origami? Even if you’re not yet fluent you’re always welcome to join a conversation. You can teach yourself how to ‘speak’ this beautiful language by following some of the easy origami video tutorials featured here in Origami Spirit! Origami is ‘spoken’ all over the world, and is a language [...]

How to Fold an Easy Origami Peacock thumbnail

With this charming origami peacock Evi Binzinger (Germany)  shows us an example of the imaginative possibilities of a traditional origami model.  This peacock model shown here is based on the classic paper toy called “cootie catcher”, featured here in a previous post. What Evi has done is to modify one of the corners of the [...]

Creative chaos

I love the creative potential of a “clean slate”.  An annual ritual of mine is to begin the year with a tidy worktable. Of course just as I’ve finished organizing my studio and put everything in its place, a new project appears. Soon enough there is a blizzard of papers and materials flying all over [...]