How to Gift-Wrap a Bottle of Wine in 3 Minutes

Need a quick and easy way to gift-wrap a bottle of wine or champagne? There are many ways to decorate a bottle, but here’s an idea that came to me a few minutes before leaving for a holiday party. It’s easy and you’re sure to impress everyone with your skillful artistry. Materials needed 3 pieces of … Read more

Make a Gift Wrapping Decoration

We all appreciate the of joy giving or receiving a gift. To enhance the wrapping of a present there are many origami models that can be used as handmade gift decorations. The gift wrapping ideas presented in this post are a departure from “purist” origami but they are a lovely way to add a finished touch … Read more

How to Fold an Origami Lotus Flower

Have you ever heard that the soothing power of repetition has a calming and peaceful effect on the spirit? By repeatedly folding this traditional origami lotus flower that calming effect is precisely what you might experience. When we fold the same origami figure many times, maybe even experimenting with different papers and sizes, we also … Read more

Using Origami to Decorate Your Gifts

Ideas to decorate gifts

Even the humblest gift can be dressed up and given a little flare when wrapped. The photo above is an example of gift wrapping using origami models that are folded flat. A carefully wrapped present not only reflects our affection and appreciation for the recipient but offers us the satisfaction of contributing to the value … Read more

Origami Heart Chain and Gift Card

Here is a video featuring two useful modifications of the lovely heart model created by Ildiko Vass. This origami heart was featured in an earlier post. It would make a great decoration for a Valentine’s or Mother’s day gift. What I’ve done here is alter the central locking mechanism of the heart.  Now any number … Read more