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Origami or the Art of Creating Meaningful Connections

In a previous post, I asked people to share how they got into origami and “how has origami contributed to your life.” In response, my inbox overflowed with the most wonderful heartfelt responses where many of you shared with me your story about just how meaningful origami is in your life. This gives me great … Read more

Make a Meditative Quilt Star

An easy holiday paper ornament. Need a lovely handmade gift for someone special? This Origami Quilt Star is a double gift. In making it you will be giving yourself some time of peaceful meditation and joy, and also end up with something you can give as a meaningful present: an ornament made with your own … Read more

How to Make a Lovely Paper Butterfly in Less Than 6 Minutes

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, when winter approaches to hold us in its grip, spring can always be in our hearts––and at any time of year––a perfect time to make this adorable origami butterfly! I am very excited to present this new paper butterfly, designed by my friend and much admired origami designer, Evi Binzinger. … Read more

Make an Easy Origami Necktie and Card for Dad

Just think… you will now be saving all kinds of colorful gift-wrap scraps to make special origami neckties and bowties like these. Even if the men in our lives don’t wear neckties, we can choose a paper with a pattern that represents what they might like: Cars! Fishing Gear! Bikes -with or without motors! Music! We … Read more

Origami Video Tutorial – Origami Star Flower and Variations

A model design of Leyla Torres Do you like to fold origami flowers? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature origami models we know you’ll enjoy so be sure to visit the ORIGAMI FLOWERS GALLERY where you will find many other flower models. This Star Flower model is included in the origami design course … Read more

An Origami Tree of Hearts

A TREE WITHIN A tree grew inside my head.It grew inside,an origami tree of hearts.It’s roots are veinsits branches nerves,thoughts its tangled foliage.Your glance sets it on fire,and its fruits of shadeare blood applesand paper hearts.—————–Day breaksin the body’s night.There, within, inside my head,the tree of hearts speaks.Come closer, —————––Can you hear it? (Adaptated from a … Read more