How to Make a Fortune Pouch That Your Guests Will Love

An alternative to the conventional fortune cookie, this fortune paper pouch will be a fun conversation piece at a the dinner table. If you’re not planning to have a dinner party soon, you WILL, once you’ve made one of these charming origami containers, and find yourself folding a handful or two. A fortune cookie is … Read more

How to Make an Easy Origami Box

There are many different ways to make origami boxes and containers. These models can be made with different shapes (square, rectangle, pentagon…) and with different kinds of paper. Even recycled paper is good to use for folding origami boxes. The origami box presented here can be made with rectangles of different proportions. A letter size rectangle … Read more

Make an Origami Rabbit Heart in Less Than 7 minutes

The  rabbit symbolizes abundance, fertility, procreation, new life, spring, intuition, inner light, playfulness and joy. And everyone loves a rabbit, especially a fun and easy origami rabbit! This figure, an origami rabbit-heart, is a charming variation of an origami heart that was featured on an earlier post here at OrigamiSpirit. By simply adding a bit of … Read more

How to Make an Origami Heart in Less Than 5 Minutes

Before moving to the United States in 1985 I knew almost nothing about Valentine’s Day. And to tell the truth I don’t do much to celebrate this particular holiday. But we all love finding a clever, easy-to-make origami heart! So, when I discovered this model I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show it … Read more

Twelve Hens, Twelve Blessings for a Great New Year

This week and for the upcoming new year, I made a strand of twelve origami prosperity hens –one for each month of the year. It’s modeled after a similar idea, the multicolored prosperity hens, made of fabric and commonly found in northern India. Welcoming the arrival of the New Year I perform small personal rituals to … Read more

Turn on the Lights of Hope… and Keep Them on!

I share these origami Christmas lights in the spirit of innocence and peace; honoring the precious lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown CT. “The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.”~Romans 13:12 Recommended Paper: Duo color … Read more

The Peace of Geometry With a Piece of Paper

What a great sense of satisfaction it is when we puzzle over an origami crease pattern and are finally able to fold a model! A few days ago, I once again neglected everything else my life and spent a few hours folding from crease patterns that Hans-Werner Guth (Germany) has shared on his Flickr page. … Read more

A Perfect Origami Fashion Accessory

I’m pleased to introduce you to Ironhead, our cat of the day. The colorful ruff she is wearing is made of folded paper. Doesn’t she look like a sixteenth-century Dutch queen? If you fancy making one for your own cat -or yourself, this origami action-model is called Fireworks and was designed by Yami Yamauchi. Below … Read more

Faces and Hats to Decorate Bottle Caps

When I take a bottle of wine to a friend I like to decorate it with something fun and festive. Here is an easy-to-make idea that could be used to accompany your gift of a special bottle of champagne, wine, or other beverage, for any occasion. The origami hat you see here is my own … Read more