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Thumbnail image for Turn on the Lights of Hope… and Keep Them on!

I share these origami Christmas lights in the spirit of innocence and peace; honoring the precious lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown CT. “The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.” ~Romans 13:12 Recommended Paper: Duo [...]

Thumbnail image for The Peace of Geometry With a Piece of Paper

What a great sense of satisfaction it is when we puzzle over an origami crease pattern and are finally able to fold a model! A few days ago, I once again neglected everything else my life and spent a few hours folding from crease patterns that Hans-Werner Guth (Germany) has shared on his Flickr page. [...]

Thumbnail image for A Perfect Origami Fashion Accessory

I’m pleased to introduce you to Ironhead, our cat of the day. The colorful ruff she is wearing is made of folded paper. Doesn’t she look like a sixteenth-century Dutch queen? If you fancy making one for your own cat -or yourself, this origami action-model is called Fireworks and was designed by Yami Yamauchi. Below [...]

Thumbnail image for Faces and Hats to Decorate Bottle Caps

When I take a bottle of wine to a friend I like to decorate it with something fun and festive. Here is an easy-to-make idea that could be used to accompany your gift of a special bottle of champagne, wine, or other beverage, for any occasion. The origami hat you see here is my own [...]

Thumbnail image for Pre-Columbian Style Origami Frog -Video

This pre-columbian origami frog was inspired by a visit to the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) in my native Bogotá, Colombia. The museum collection illustrates the social and cultural life of many different groups of people such as Muiscas or Chibchas, who lived in what is now known as Colombia from approximately 500 BCE until [...]

Thumbnail image for ‘Crease + Fold’ Reviewed – An Origami Book by Sok Song ‘Crease + Fold’ Reviewed – An Origami Book by Sok Song thumbnail

Crease and Fold, Sok’s Song first origami instructional book, presents a collection of models that will appeal to a broad range of interests. It features simple and elegant animals, functional objects, money folds, and modulars. •View photographs at the end of this post• The book is divided into four sections: Origami 101, covers the standard [...]

Thumbnail image for A Village of Origami Houses

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of a little origami house designed by Roman Diaz. I immediately fell in love with this archetypal house and its basic simplicity and symbolism. The question: how to fold it without diagrams? As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised to find diagrams for this model [...]

Thumbnail image for I’ve dropped everything to become a shoemaker!

These days I have folded high-heel shoes in all styles and for all occasions: Piet Mondrian-style shoes to attend the opening of an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Piccaso-style shoes to stroll through the streets of Paris Tarot-style shoes to advance into an auspicious future Cow-skin high-fashion shoes for a night of dancing [...]