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Get Hot for the Holidays With an Origami Chile Pepper thumbnail

These origami chile peppers are hotter than the sun. Make one. Attach a pin to its back. Wear it on your coat. Great origami fashion! Or how about making a hot pepper origami wreath? Welcome to the origami chile pepper fan club! I made over one hundred of these peppers for the pin exchange at the [...]

How to Make an IvaMia Kusudama thumbnail

A kusudama is a traditional Japanese paper ball created by joining together multiple identical units. In Japan it was common to join these units with glue or thread. This particular kusudama design –named IvaMia, is made without cutting and assembled without glue. It is a perfectly elegant example of contemporary modular origami. The IvaMia kusudama [...]

Cute and Fun Origami Pins thumbnail

During the  informal Origami Pin Exchange at this year’s OrigamiUSA convention I folded a number of bees (instructions here) and made pins from them. The photo above shows pins I received in exchange.  Cute and Fun! Many origami models are easily made into pins.  All we need to do is glue a little pin on [...]

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorations, Gifts and Greetings thumbnail

This is my interpretation of the Sakura Star, a creation of David Martinez. It is a lovely model that I will add to the collection of ornaments I use  to decorate my staircase for Christmas, as seen in this post: Origami Adds a Holiday Sparkle to a Staircase Video instructions for the Sakura Star: Diagrams [...]

One Easy Module, Two Fantastic Origami Models -Video thumbnail

This decorative origami chain and spiral spring are fantastic examples of easy modular origami. They were created by two people who are known as excellent teachers and prolific origami designers. • Laura Kruskal • Gay Merrill Gross Laura Kruskal Created the module and the decorative chain.Gay Merrill Gross Joined many of Laura’s  modules in a [...]

Origami Adds a Festive Holiday Sparkle to a Staircase thumbnail

The winter solstice is almost here, and the rebirth of the light is what I celebrate deep in my heart. Soon the sun will remain above the horizon a little longer each day in the northern hemisphere. The light returns slowly. I gladly receive it! To welcome the light I decorate my home with a collection [...]

Origami Hollow-Petal Flower thumbnail

In my previous blog, La Trenza, I featured this hollow-petal flower of my own creation (Now used for a Guinnes record attempt). This model is relatively easy to fold from the windmill base, –also known as Froebel’s basic form, and makes a nice Christmas ornament, or it can also be used as a dish for [...]

How to Make a Kusudama With the Carambola Flower thumbnail

This Kusudama can be considered modular origami, and it is based on a beautiful flower model, folded from a pentagon and originally created by Carmen Sprung (Germany). She calls it “carambola” perhaps because of its resemblance to a cross section of a carambola –also known as star fruit. On her website, Happy Folding, Sara Adams [...]