How to Make an Inflatable Origami Rabbit

Inflable Origami Rabbit. Designed by Robert Neale. Carrot Origami model by Leyla Torres

Do you like to make origami creatures? Folding origami animals brings the magic of transforming a piece of paper with our own hands into a recognizable figure.

One of the beauties of origami is that no material is taken away, and no material is added. By the magic of diligent fingers in a few minutes, we can recreate a delightful figure such as this inflatable origami bunny, designed by Robert Neale.

At the end of the folding process, with a little kiss, we blow life into the body of this paper bunny!

The Chinese Year of the Rabbit

In the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2023 is the year of the rabbit. According to this zodiac, the rabbit symbolizes creativity, compassion, and sensitivity.

People born in the year of the rabbit prefer to avoid conflict and approach all situations in a serene manner.

The following step-by-step video shows how to make Robert Neale’s charming origami rabbit (Shared with permission).

Your origami skills will improve with every additional bunny you make and before you know it you’ll have a colony of origami rabbits!

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Tips and suggestions for making the origami rabbit

  • In the video, the rabbit is demonstrated using kami paper.
  • To learn how to fold this rabbit use a 6 x 6 inch (15 × 15cm) piece of Kami paper.
  • Thicker paper such as “Tant” or Japanese “Washi” paper.
  • The finished rabbit shows only one side of the paper. It is not necessary to use paper with a different color on each side.
  • Rabbits tend to proliferate and this one might not be an exception. Once you fold one you will want to make many more.

Fold more Origami Rabbits

Would you like to make a carrot or two to feed your rabbits?

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Origami Carrot model by Leyla Torres

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