Make the Olympic Rings in Origami

Raise your hand if you enjoy making modular origami! You will fave fun folding these interlocking rings to make the Olympic rings or to make a slinky toy. Here you will find an Easy-to-follow video tutorial. The Olympic rings and flag are used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a symbol to elevate the … Read more

Delightful Origami Boxes Inspired by Nature

There are many ways in which origami designers have been inspired by nature in order to create delightful origami models. Flowers, fruits, and animals have all provided inspiration for many creative origami designers. These four boxes (with tutorials) are highlights of many boxes and containers presented in Origami Spirit . Have you folded one of … Read more

How to Make an Origami Hearty Santa and Elf

Raise your hand if you enjoy making origami Santas! This delightful Origami Hearty Santa, designed by origami artist, Beth Johnson will definitely steal your heart! I don’t want to miss an opportunity to fold a Santa and much less this heart-warming Hearty Santa. As an additional bonus, the same process of folding this Santa can … Read more

Seven Flat Origami Figures to Send via Snail Mail

Have you ever sent or receive an envelope with an origami model inside?Even if it is an origami figure that I have folded many times before, when my eyes discover it within a newly-opened envelope sent to me and folded by someone else, I love it! Here are seven simple figures you can send flat … Read more