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PROMPTS: 28 ideas to fold and share – February 2023

Graphic List of English-Spanish Text prompts

Please join us any time during February 2023 as we explore this month’s folding themes.

During the month of February, I will be visiting my native Colombia so I celebrate, with you, my Spanish heritage by paying homage to the letter Ñ ñ.

All the words suggested as prompts in February are ones whose equivalent in Spanish contains the letter ñ, one of the Spanish language’s most distinctive written characteristics.

Where Did the Ñ Come From?

Spanish has its roots in Latin, but the letter ñ did not exist in the Latin alphabet. Around the beginning of the 12th century, Spanish monks who worked as scribes started using a tilde (called virgulilla ) placed over certain letters to indicate that the letter was doubled. For example, nn became ñ, and aa became ã.

Except for the ñ, the popular use of the tilde for other letters gradually waned and then ceased at some point in the 14th century.

Pronunciation: In the precise pronunciation of Spanish, the ñ is similar to the “ny” of the English word “canyon,”

This OrigamiSpirit challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate. Here is how to play along:

  • Share origami models (newly folded or folded in the past), concepts, or ideas, that include one of the prompts posted here, a combination of prompts, or any other word that comes to mind that relates to the Month of February.
  • Share your models on the Origami Spirt Fan  Group Facebook Page
  • Post one model a day, one model a week, one model a month, or as many as you like.
  • When you post, tell us the prompt or word you’ve chosen to use, and any other information about what you are sharing (paper choice, feelings about the model, ease, or difficulty). 
  • IDEALLY Write the name of the model designer, if known. (We will applaud you for honoring origami designers!)
  • Use this hashtag when posting on your social media so we can all see your creativity: #OrigamiSpiritFeb2023 
  • NOTE: Blue word prompts link to a tutorial….
Spanish (español)Piranha (piraña)Design (diseño)
Pineapple (piña)Bow (moño)Teach (enseñar)
Strange (extraño)Handful (puñado)Signal (señal)
Flock (rebaño)Year (año)Vicuna (vicuña)
Spider (araña)Dream (sueño)Cottage (cabaña)
Mountain (montaña)Small (pequeño)Piñata (piñata)
Autumn (otoño)Boy (niño)Doll (muñeco/a)
Rhea (ñandú)
South American ostrich
Girl (niña)Vignette (viñeta)
Gnu (ñu) wildebeestAdd (añadir)
Handkerchief (pañuelo)Champagne (champaña)

These prompts are intended to spark your imagination! Let’s get to folding, sharing, and having some summer origami fun!

We can’t wait to see your creations!

Share your models on the Origami Spirt Fan  Group Facebook Page.

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