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ABC to Z Alphabet Origami Challenge – Letter N

Participate in our ABC to Z origami challenge! Here you find paper-folding prompts to give you direction and ideas to fold and share origami related to the LETTER N.

During this ABC to Z origami challenge, we are sharing origami models or concepts related to each letter of the alphabet. Once a week, on Thursday, we announce a new letter and highlight some posts that people share on our Facebook group. You are welcome to join!

Letter N (Week 14 of 26)

You can share models that you have folded previously, or, you may fold new models based on the suggestions you find here. You can also use my prompts as a starting point to explore your own ideas.

The following are prompts and links to tutorials of origami that start with the letter N.

Feel free to fold or include any other model related to the letter N that might occur to you.

Nail Polish (Tutorial)NarcissusNostalgia
Nativity (Tutorial)NapkinNote
Nested Rose (Tutorial)NumberNovember
Nature (Tutorial)NarrowNetherworld
Necktie (Tutorial)NightNuptials
Nose (Tutorial)NotableNecklace

When you share your origami models on the Origami Spirit Facebook Fan Group

  • Spell out the word related to your model. eg: “N is for________”
  • IDEALLY –>Write the name of the model designer, if known.
  • Share any other information about the model you can think of.
  • Use the hashtag #ABCOrigami

The origami letter ‘N’ and the letters for the word ‘Origami’ in the above picture were designed by Coen van Someren (Netherlands) and folded by Leyla Torres.


Origami ABC UPDATE: Origami Related to the Letter N

These are some of the posts shared by Origami Spirit Fans on our Facebook Group

Each picture is numbered. Look under the photo gallery for a list of the people who shared each picture and the designers.

01 Origami Necklace • Folder: Valentina Mannino (traditional)
02 Origami Ningyō Doll • Folder: Aman Kaur (Designer: Aman Kaur)
03 Origami Navel-Shell • Folder: Madhura Gupta (Designer: Tomoko Fuse)
04 Napkin folding • Folder: Carol Hodsdon (Designer: ?)
05 Origami Neil Armstrong footprint • Folder: Michel Lucas (Designer: Michel Lucas )
06 Origami Narcissus • Folder: Rosemary Browne (Designer: Assia Brill /?)
07 Origami Nested Rose • Folder: Laura Donvito (Designer: Leyla Torres)
08 Nature Study Origami Dragonfly • Folder: Colin Webb (Designer: Shuki Kato)
09 Origami Nodding Dog • Folder: German Martinez (Designer: Jens Kober)
10 Origami Letter ñ • Folder: FrancescoBrotzu (traditional / SasaTube)
11 Origami Necklace • Folder: Nadime Sequeira (traditional)
12 Origami Letters for Natalia • Folder: N Becerra (Designer: Franco Pavarin)
13 Origami Non-Stop • Folder: Annie Lea (Designer: several)
14 Origami Nativity • Folder: Francesco Brotzu (Designer: Leyla Torres)
15 Origami Nail Polish • Folder: Alex Paz (Designer: Leyla Torres)
16 Origami Nativity • Folder: FabrizioPianosi (Designer: LTorres Tetsuya Gotani)
17 Origami Noxios Flower • Folder: Susan Townsend (Designer: ?)
18 Origami Ninja Stars • Folder: Andrea Slade (traditional)

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